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It's been almost TWO years since the pandemic started. With vaccination rates very high among us and OmiCron variant is NOT as virulent as originally feared, TASC would like to put together a grand musical event to relieve the pain inflicted upon us by the pandemic.

The TASC team gearing up to bring the first ever in-person live musical stage event since COVID-19. ITS A FREE ENTRY/PARKING GREAT MUSICAL EVENT with renowned singers with FREE delicious DINNER. TASC request all our community members to come with family and enjoy the event.

TASC would like to conduct this musical event with great safety measures in place. Strict Covid-19 protocol will be implemented. We request all our members to understand and follow the protocol for their own safety and safety of others.

Some of the Safety measures

·       Mask is mandatory for all

·       RSVP is must. This will help us plan better and effective safety measures.

·       Temperature check will be done for everyone.

·       Social distancing Seating

·       All local, county, state and federal COVID-19 safety should be followed by all.

·       At least TWO COVID-19 vaccinations taken

Please do not attend

·       If you or any of your family members are running high temperature or any of the COVD-19 symptoms.

·       If you or any of your family members travelled internationally and not completed the quarantine period(14 days) and tested negative.

·       If you or any of your family members are tested positive for COVID-19, took treatment. Test result after the treatment and quarantine period should be negative.

Let's enjoy responsibly.TASC is not liable for any COVID-19 incident.

Please RSVP for this event:

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