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What an amazing day it was and what an amazing turnout we had!
The weather was beautiful and the atmosphere was electrifying! We had 6 teams that competed in the Women’s Throwball tournament and each and every match was played with zeal and pretty much all matches were neck to neck till the last point. In the finals, the “Trailblazers” and “Chak De” competed fiercely and the Chak De prevailed after a hard earned victory in the finals. Every team is a winner for the amount of hard work they have put in and the sportsmanship they showed.
We also celebrated our annual family picnic/Karthika masa vanabhojanam. Thank you to everyone who came to participate in it. It was a roaring success and was attended by well over 500 people that included members and their families. A lot of adults and children participated in fun games such as lemon spoon, sack race, Bingo and Tug of War, etc.
The members were treated to a grand delicious lunch. The items were relished by everyone as the food had variety, taste and flavor.
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