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TASC 2021 - DIWALI Musical Night Back to past Events

TASC's SOCAL's first ever IN-PERSON TELUGU musical night since pandemic was Amazing, Refreshing and Flawlessly executed event. The weather was amazing on the event day.
It was refreshing to come out of the pandemic shell and good to see the faces of our members, friends in person face to face after nearly TWO years.
TASC Musical night 2021 indeed was a great event from all aspects
Captivating Kuchipudi dance rendition of magnum opus “Krishna Leela Tharangini” by the gifted Bhavana Reddy and her disciples was simply superb and enthralling. It showed how rich our cultural heritage is.
Krishna Leela Tarangini
Singing by RP Patnaik's team was so refreshing and relieving of pandemic pain. Sri Kanth's energy (in both singing and dancing), Sumangali's original voice, Mounima's sweet voice and RP's melodious singing and behind the scene stories made the event so sweet and special. The song selection, the music, the singing and the theater sound system was scintillating. Singing sounded so original that few even asked are they just lip syncing.
Musical Performance by Singers RP Garu, Srikanth, Mounima & Sumangali
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